2008 Shared Services Review


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2008 Shared Services Review

Reports and Studies

  1. April 14, 2008 Shared Services Review - Hugh Thomas Report
  2. April 30, 2014 Council Agenda Special Meeting - KPMG Joint Service Delivery Review Final Report
  3. April 30, 2014 Council Special Meeting Minutes - KPMG Study

The Shared Services Review report of April 14, 2008 by Hugh Thomas Consulting Ltd. and GKC and Associates Inc. presented options for a new cost sharing framework of Social Services, Paramedic Services, Perth District Health Unit, Spruce Lodge Homes for the Aged, and Regional Roads.  Page 26 of the report outlined the following:

Option 1 – County proposal based on weighted assessment (utilizing County ratios)
Option 2 – Status quo (continuing with existing agreements, which expired June 2008)
Option 3 – Consultant proposal based on weighted assessment (utilizing notional ratios – that is, taking the total value of the dollars raised against the combined raw assessment to arrive at notional tax ratios).

The Consultant proposed to utilize the figures based on the notional ratios, and in addition to that, include additional services to cost share, as per page 27 of the report:

  1. County connecting links through St. Marys and Stratford
  2. Court Security (costs borne by Stratford for the courthouse on St. Patrick Street)
  3. Airport (costs borne by Stratford)
  4. Library (costs borne by Stratford for the delivery of PCIN services)

Page 28 of the report summarizes all of the above recommendations, and proposes the following cost savings to the County and additional costs for St. Marys and Stratford (as adjusted for corrections in the Court Security proposed numbers):

  • County cost savings: $ (1,241,397)
  • St. Marys additional cost: $ 403,505
  • Stratford additional cost: $ 837,622

From the County’s original position of using the weighted assessment using County ratios, the report’s proposal of using notional ratios (of a cost to the County of $386,502), plus the inclusion of additional services to cost-share (of a cost to the County of $348,440), was a movement towards a middle ground to arrive at an agreement.

The following resolutions are the actions from county council on this study:

April 8, 2008:

Resolution: 2008-191

Moved by: Councillor Hollinger

Seconded by: Councillor Forrest

THAT the report prepared by Hugh Thomas Consulting Ltd and GKC and Associates Inc. be

received, and that Council schedule time during the next meeting to discuss the

recommendations contained therein.


Resolution: 2008-192

Moved by: Councillor Forrest

Seconded by: Councillor Hollinger

THAT the Shared Services Committee be requested to postpone their Meeting of May 20th, 2008

until sometime after the next County Council meeting, which is scheduled for May 22nd, 2008

allowing member municipalities time to review the report.



May 22, 2018:

From Committee of the Whole to county council:

Resolution: 2008-217

Moved by: Councillor Seiler

Seconded by: Councillor Kehl

THAT Council for the Corporation of the County of Perth endorses all recommendations from Committee of the Whole.


12.4 Shared Services Review discussion

Warden McKay provided an overview of the process of the review.

Council discussed various aspects of the report at length. It was noted that the intent of the Shared Services Review Committee was to have the Councils (County, City and Town) accept the report “in principle,” with the details of agreements to be negotiated following.

(Committee of the Whole Recommendation)

Recommendation: 2008-218

Moved by: Councillor Van Bakel

Seconded by: Councillor Hollinger

THAT the governance model in the Shared Services Review Report be removed from the table of discussion at this time.


There was additional discussion regarding the next steps required, should the report be accepted by all parties. There was a Council consensus to further discuss the report at the June 5th regular County Council meeting.

Resolution: 2008-236

Moved by: Councillor Behrns

Seconded by: Councillor Wilhelm

THAT Council for the Corporation of the County of Perth endorses all recommendations from Committee of the Whole.


8.2.3 Shared Services Review Discussion

The CAO circulated a report to Council, from the Shared Services Committee meeting of June 4th. There was extensive discussion regarding the matter. The Perth South representatives brought forward a request for Council to consider an additional independent report and/or review, specifically regarding annexation. Following additional discussion, it was noted that the representatives would engage further discussion in this regard, at the local level.

It was noted for the information of Council that the members of the Councils of Perth East and Perth South had met to discuss the issue of annexation.

Recommendation: 2008-233

Moved by: Councillor McTavish

Seconded by: Councillor Van Bakel

THAT Perth County Council accepts and supports in principle the Thomas Shared Services report; and

THAT the applicable shared services to be apportioned based on a notional weighted assessment are to include: Emergency Medical Services, Social Services (including Child Care and Housing), Perth District Health Unit, Spruce Lodge Home for the Aged, Court Security, Perth County Information Network (PCIN Infrastructure), Stratford airport, and regional (County) roads; and

THAT any shift from the current funding model to the proposed apportionment be subject to a phase in agreement; and

THAT a satisfactory annexation framework between Perth South and St. Marys and Stratford, and Perth East and Stratford be established; and

THAT a projected timeline for the completion of the development of the annexation framework be October 1, 2008; and

THAT the governance review of the delivery of service be tabled for future review with no action at this time.