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Emergency Management in Perth County

Amish Children Watching Videos

Fire Prevention Week Display in Milverton

An excellent evening spent to educate the community around Milverton on fire safety and emergency management.

As part of Fire Prevention Week, the Perth East Fire Department opened their Milverton Fire Hall to the public, serving hot dogs, cold drinks and lots of great educational material. It was a big hit for the families in the neighbourhood. It was nice to see such a large number of our Amish and Mennonite Communities attend.

Emergency Management was there providing copies of our emergency preparedness guide, fact sheets and other information. The Amish youngsters were attrached to our television and educational videos.

Demos of Milverton's new aerial truck was a highlight.. The kids had a great time!!!

Perth County Provides Severe Weather Spotter Training

As a result of our July 14th Weather Workshops, Perth County Emergency Management was asked to offer severe weather spotter training. This expands Environment Canada's CANWARN weather observer network to give advanced warning of severe weather. Two sessions were offered at Paramedic Headquarters, one at 1 pm (for local responders and officials) and one at 7 pm (for other responders, officials and the general public). Over 75 people attended!

CANWARN volunteeCANWARN logors are trained to look for clues in the sky as to which storms may produce damaging weather. They can also report important information on hail size and any damage that has resulted from the passage of a storm. They can send in their reports directly to the Ontario Storm Prediction Centre through an unlisted, toll-free phone number, a special email address or through a local ham radio network if they are a ham radio operator. Information from all of these sources is monitored by the Weather Centre 24/7. Reports received by CANWARN volunteers often play an integral role in the decision to issue or update a warning bulletin for a given area and specific mention is often made of the type of information received by a storm spotter within the text of the warning bulletin.The training covers the basics of thunderstorm formation, what differentiates a severe from a non-severe thunderstorm, the types of damage severe thunderstorms can produce, what to watch for in the sky, what to report to the Storm Prediction Centre and a series of safety tips.

Perth County Announces New Public Education Initiatives

North Perth Council
North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns and fellow councillors show they are ready with copies of the County's emergency preparedness materials.

May 1 - 7 was National Emergency Preparedness Week, a week Perth County and its member municipalities devote to reinforcing the importance of having a plan - for yourself, your family, your pets, your business, your farm, and anyone important to you. 

EM Program Slogan

This year, Perth County unveiled an emergency preparedness guide and a series of fact sheets. Their theme is “Together We’re Ready”.  Warden Mert Schneider is proud of the 10 year old shared Emergency Management Program. “This is a true example of shared services where we have worked together for the safety of our communities”."

Preparing in advance for the emergencies that can happen here is the best way to ensure you're ready when an emergency arises," says Chief Linda Rockwood who heads up the County’s Paramedic and Emergency Management initiatives. "We encourage everyone to spend a few minutes learning about the risks, developing your emergency plans and being prepared."

Dave Colvin, Perth County’s Emergency Management Coordinator says "It is important to know what can happen here.. have a plan and prepare for it. You can’t prevent a tornado but you can know when one can occur, have a plan, and prepare when one threatens." 

Copies of our preparedness materials are available at:

  • Perth County Courthouse - Main Floor (Stratford)
  • Perth District Health Unit (Stratford)
  • North Perth Municipal Office (Listowel)
  • Perth East Municipal Office (Milverton)
  • West Perth Municipal Office (Mitchell)
  • Perth South Municipal Office (St. Pauls)

Do YOUR Part!

KNOW the Risks

Tornado, Flooding, Lightning, High Winds, Hail, Ice Storm, Blizzard, Snow Squalls, Freezing Rain, Chemical Spill, Major Fire, Foreign Animal Disease, Pandemics, Health Outbreaks, Power Failure, Computer Failure, Banking System Outage, Fuel Shortage, Bridge and Road Collapse, Criminal Act.

Make a PLAN

Family Emergency Plan, School or Building Emergency Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan for Your Business or Organization, Emergency Plan for Your Farm or Agricultural Operation.

You can make your family emergency plan online at the Public Safety Canada website:



Home Survival Kit, Grab and Go Bag, Seniors and Special Needs, Pet Emergency Kit, Vehicle Emergency Kit, Office Emergency Kit.


Check out Perth County's Unified Emergency Plan

Click here to review the County and Member Municipalities Emergency Management Plan

Should you require any of the following documents in an accessible format, please contact us at or 519-271-0531 ext. 141.



Perth County Emergency
Preparedness Materials

Emergency Preparedness Guide

A step-by-step planner to help your family prepare for emergencies and disasters

Fact Sheets

What Do You Need to be Prepared?

How to be Prepared for Emergencies

How To Stay Safe in Thunderstorms

How to Stay Safe near Tornadoes

How to Stay Safe in Snowstorms

Preparing for Environmental Emergencies

How to be Prepared for Emergencies

STEP Brochure


A Disaster Protection and Recovery Planning Toolkit for Small to Mid-Sized Business 


Contact Information

Dave Colvin, CEM

Emergency Management
480 Douro Street
Stratford, Ontario N5A 0E6

Phone: 519-271-0531 ext. 540
Fax: 519-273-4216