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New Search Capabilities on County Web Map

Posted by Dave Colvin on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

New features were unveiled at the February 2nd County Council meeting.

There have been challenges confirming the location of emergency calls in the past several months, especially when those calls have come from cellular phones. Emergency Management worked closely with our GIS Co-ordinator Brian Lee to make additional search options available to help in those situations. These search options also make it easier for anyone to search for locations in Perth County and its member muncipalities (excludes St. Marys and Stratford).

Interactive maps are available by clicking the E-services option on the web banner on the county web site There are several search options available, and you can enter partial information such as just a number or name. When you use the Look Up feature, it will present you will the options in a drop down box. Once you choose the Search feature, it will display the map.

This feature of the County’s GIS system has been demonstrated to OPP Communications and Perth County Officers, Central Ambulance Dispatch, Paramedic Supervisors, Stratford Fire Dispatch, St. Marys Fire, Perth East/West Perth Fire, North Perth Fire, and other agencies to help find incident locations quickly and accurately.





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