County of Perth Official Plan


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County of Perth Official Plan

The purpose of the County of Perth Official Plan is to establish a policy framework to guide the physical, social and economic development of the County and to protect the natural environment within the County to the year 2017. Some of the specific purposes of the County's Official Plan are as follows:

  1. To consolidate planning policies for the eleven townships into one County-wide planning document;
  2. To establish, with the assistance of public input, appropriate goals, objectives, and policy to guide and direct land use activities and decisions throughout the County; 
  3. To recognize and emphasize the importance of the serviced urban settlement areas in the County in accommodating future non-farm growth needs in the County;
  4. To emphasize the importance of agriculture in the County and to establish a policy framework aimed at protecting and preserving Perth Countys excellent agricultural land resource base for use by present and future generations of farmers for food production;
  5. To provide a policy framework which will protect, preserve, enhance, and improve the natural resource base in the County;
  6. To reduce the potential for land use conflicts by establishing a policy framework that will assist in discouraging, limiting, and prohibiting the indiscriminate mixing of non-compatible land uses; 
  7. To provide guidance for County Council, local municipal Councils, the Land Division Committee, Committees of Adjustment, Planning Advisory Committees, and municipal administrators/staff in all decisions regarding land use planning matters and activities;
  8. To prepare a County-wide Official Plan document which will serve to inform property owners and the general public in respect to planning issues and planning goals, objectives, and policies throughout the County;
  9. To promote an increased public awareness of the policies that will be used to guide future land use activities throughout Perth County and provide a policy framework for the implementation of Provincial and County interests;
  10. To promote, protect and improve the health and well being of the residents of the Perth County through appropriate land use planning; and
  11. To incorporate the County's economic development goals and objectives into this Plan.

In establishing and reviewing this Official Plan, County Council has established a number of basic land use planning priorities, including the following:

  1. The need to direct and focus urban and non-farm related growth to the designated  settlement areas, particularly serviced urban settlement areas, and to allow for the logical and orderly growth of the serviced settlement areas;
  2. The need to preserve and protect the excellent agricultural land resource base in the  County and to create a land use and policy environment that supports the continuation of the agricultural industry and farming operations in the County;
  3. The need to protect, preserve, and enhance the natural resource features and their  functions; and
  4. The need to develop and maintain a complete and comprehensive planning strategy/  program that takes into account Provincial policy, local interests, economic development, and the roles and responsibilities of the various parties.

Permits and Forms
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Official Plan Document
pdf icon2017 Consolidated County of Perth Official Plan

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