Agriculture & Agri-business


Perth County’s agri-food sector generates 1.5 to 2 million dollars a day -- more than six of Canada’s ten provinces!

Perth County is one of Canada’s most agriculturally productive regions.

  • Perth County is home to 2,250 census farms and 500,000 acres (205,000 ha) of farmland
  • Farm cash receipts for main commodities bring in $775 million (2011)
  • Dairy receipts total $192 million
  • Pork receipts total $134 million

The Agriculture, Value Added Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector employs 4,095 residents in the region[1].

Perth County industry is also closely tied to our agricultural roots. Fabrication, farm equipment manufacturing, design-build and food processing are all significant drivers of our local economy.

Opportunities for value-added agriculture and agri-business include:

  • Processing and handling facilities
  • Storage
  • Bio-mass and Bio-gas
  • Green energy bio-crops
  • Bio-products
  • Differentiated products such as functional foods
  • Genetics facilities
  • Agri-tourism

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Over 90% of the county’s land remains classified as prime agricultural land. 

Buy Local Buy Fresh:


Perth County is home to six farmers markets, many of which operate year round bringing fresh local produce, locally baked goods and artisanal cheeses to your plate.  Come out and taste the fresh Perth County has to offer!

‘Buy Local’ initiatives in Perth County are cultivating our economy by supporting the capacity for locally produced food. With Stratford at the culinary heart, Perth County bounty is the highlight of the authentic culinary experience of this region, orchestrated by world-class chefs. There are a multitude of artisanal growers serving up heirloom tomatoes, organic greens, garlic, bok choy, beets and carrots. Local preserves, heritage breads and artisanal cheeses are available year-round by our local restaurants and inns.

 Find out where you can buy local:

Buy Local Buy Fresh
Farmers Markets

Food Festivals:

[1] Perth, St. Marys and Stratford Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan