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Perth County consists of four municipalities and is home to over 40,000 residents.


The region comprising Stratford and St. Mary’s is home to over 75,000 people.

Nestled in the heart of Southwest Ontario, Perth County is a study in contrasts. Lush, rural farmland and backcountry roads intersect with historic architecture, arts, culture, and the newest culinary trends.  Perth County is a diverse and thriving county comprised of four lower-tier municipalities.  We invite you to experience the best our communities have to offer!  Come for a day—stay for a lifetime.

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North Perth

Welcome to North Perth where big-city attractions meet small-town charm.  Surrounded by the beauty of Perth County’s countryside, the towns of Listowel, Atwood, Monkton, and Gownstown make up this bustling area.

North Perth is home to 12,600 people and offers the perfect mix of lifestyle, employment and business opportunities.  A growing and thriving community, North Perth is home to leading hospital and medical facilities and a dynamic business community within 25 minutes of Waterloo. Italianate and Victorian architecture set the backdrop for Listowel’s picturesque and historic downtown that boasts modern shopping and conveniences within a short walk of residential neighbourhoods.  Your active lifestyle is possible in North Perth with over 22 km of trails for hiking, cycling and walking, in addition to soccer, tennis, swimming, and hockey arenas. We even have a 27-hole championship golf course!

West Perth

West Perth is where nature, industry and culture exist in perfect harmony. Located within 35 minutes of London, West Perth is home to 8900 residents. This end of the county is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Situated along the Thames River, Mitchell has restored over 65 acres of wetlands, which are the habitat of choice rare bird species’ like the Blue Heron. The shopping in Mitchell and Dublin showcases superior home furnishing and décor stores, along with unique treasure and fashion boutiques. Fare at the local restaurants include sumptuous butter tarts and pies that have garnered widespread praise.

Perth South

Perth South is where the Avon and Thames rivers flow and farmland is bounteous and beautiful. This is the part of the county where the hamlets of Sebringville, Avonton, Kirkton, and St. Paul are tucked away and surrounded by some of the most fertile lands in all of Perth. Wildwood Conservation Area is the region’s leading outdoor recreational area for camping, sailing, fishing, mountain biking and hiking. Three golf courses also dot this scenic landscape, matched by winter tubing slopes, and McCully's Hill Farm. Perth South is one of the leading recreational and day-trip destinations within the County.

Township of Perth East:

The past and present effortlessly collide in Perth East. This diverse area is rooted in Amish and Mennonite history and includes the communities of Shakespeare, Milverton and Millbank. Shakespeare is located along Highway 7/8, and features a quaint village alive with shops offering antiques and treasures. The Millbank Kissing Bridge Trailway offers 45 km of trails for hiking, skiing, biking or running. Entrepreneurial spirit is prevalent in Perth East, with numerous welding, fabrication and custom manufacturing businesses peppered throughout the municipality. Abundant community services, recreational opportunities and diverse housing options combine to ensure there is something for everyone in Perth East.