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Welcome Message from County of Perth

Representing the County of Perth is not a job for us, it’s a natural reflex. We are a team of people that each belong to growing families building lives within this dynamic region to help you integrate, expand, and feel as at home as we do.

We are honored to be the ambassadors of economic development within the County, creating the jobs that establish legacies, which in turn help our County to climb the list of leaders in a wide range of industries. We welcome you to explore all that our flourishing employment areas have to offer, while providing you with the right amount of guidance you need to start from scratch or even to continue to grow where you’re already planted within our community.

Reach out to us for any work-related needs and see how we’re cultivating opportunities. Your business is our pleasure.

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Every city and municipality has its assets but Perth County takes pride in an unequaled combination we possess. We have mastered the balance of being globally connected and technologically advanced, while still maintaining our local traditions and small-town sincerity.



Everyone has a story of what it takes to grow.

Read and learn a bit more about local businesses making a global impact:

Blair Burns,

Listowel Technology, Inc.

My Story:

Blair Burns - Listowel Technology, Inc. (LTI)

Listowel Technology, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of injection-moulded automotive parts.  Manufacturing exclusively for Honda, they serve a North American market from Perth County. “North Perth was a natural fit with our industry—great infrastructure provided by the municipality, close to transportation corridors, good working relationship with local government officials, and most importantly, a qualified and educated labour force with great work ethics”, notes Blair Burns, Manager of Human Resources.  “These are the factors that have contributed to our very competitive situation, ensuring a successful business for our shareholders.”

For more on how Listowel Technology, Inc. is cultivating opportunity in Perth County click here.


Mike Haid,

Iron Bridge Fabrication

My Story:

Mike Haid – Iron Bridge Fabrication

If you’ve travelled the Trans Canada near Sault Ste. Marie, walked the trails in Kitchener, or driven on highway 23 near Bornholm then you’ve crossed a bridge designed and manufactured by Perth County’s - Iron Bridge Fabrication.  Attracted to Perth County by affordable low tax rates, available real estate and an eager skilled work force, owner Mike Haid made the decision to establish roots here. “One of the benefits of being in Perth County for my company is the strong work ethic and commitment to the job of the local workforce.” says Haid.   Iron Bridge creates durable, low-maintenance, high-performance structures and metal fabrications

More about Iron Bridge

Steven Goettler

G.G. Goettler of Dublin

My Story:

Steven Goettler – G.G. Goettler of Dublin

The Goettler family has been successfully leading retail trends from Dublin, Ontario, since 1952. G.G. Goettler of Dublin began as a Red & White grocery store owned by George and Ally Goettler. Seeing an opportunity to fill a local need, they began to sell La-Z-Boy chairs and Beau-tyrest mattresses and in 1978 the 25-year-old store took the leap from groceries to fine furniture. Today Goettlers continues to grow and thrive in “Ontario’s Furniture Village” - a term coined by Goettler. This strategic branding served to firmly position a small village of approximately 350 people in the Ontario retail furniture landscape. The 30,000 square-foot store currently showcas-es over 40 major brands.

More about G.G. Goettler of Dublin

Quadro Communications Co-operative

Our Story:

Quadro Communications Co-operative

Making the connections and getting to the Last Mile.

If there is one company that has taken it upon themselves to serve the rural area, it’s Quadro Communications Co-operative . Based out of Kirkton, ON, Quadro has been in business since 1994, starting as a Co-operative telephone company – owned by the community. Its traditional roots haven’t held it back from becoming one of the leaders of modern fibre and wireless infrastructure.

More about Quadro Communications Co-operative


Write a new chapter in your businesses’ story here in Perth County. Contact Us if you would like support or have any questions.


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