Perth County has what it takes to be your home.

Do you work in a career that allows you flexibility to do your job from anywhere? Then why not make Perth County that place? 

Illustrators, writers, analysts, artists, accountants, trainers, consultants and other professionals and advisors have chosen to make Perth County their home. They have chosen this region for the lifestyle opportunities. The opportunity to wake up in a historical home and breathe clean air. The opportunity to walk out your front door and grab a latte without fighting through traffic congestion. The opportunity to wave to your neighbour and have them greet you by name in return. Most of all, the opportunity to build a life in a region that thousands of others choose to vacation in. 

Telecommunications (mobile phone coverage, broadband access, and fibre optic is readily available), reliable courier services and access to three international airports offering commuter flights are within an hour drive.

In Perth County, Freelance Professionals will find:

  • Quality of life that is second to none
  • High quality telecommunications services
  • Outdoor recreational activities
  • Quality educational facilities
  • Thriving arts and local food culture
  • A safe place to live
  • Absence of traffic congestion
  • Employment opportunities for family members
  • Abundant housing options at affordable prices 

We welcome you to make Perth County your home. You won’t be sorry you did!