Success Stories

Generations Strong at G. G. Goettler of Dublin Fine Furniture

The Goettler family has been successfully leading retail trends from Dublin, Ontario, since 1952. G.G. Goettler of Dublin began as a Red & White grocery store owned by George and Ally Goettler. Seeing an opportunity to fill a local need, they began to sell La-Z-Boy chairs and Beau-tyrest mattresses and in 1978 the 25-year-old store took the leap from groceries to fine furniture. Today Goettlers continues to grow and thrive in “Ontario’s Furniture Village” - a term coined by Goettler. This strategic branding served to firmly position a small village of approximately 350 people in the Ontario retail furniture landscape.  The 30,000 square-foot store currently showcas-es over 40 major brands.

The business has grown and thrived through economic downturns, advent of the internet and dramatic shifts in retail and consumer trends. Creatively tackling the challenges over the years is current president, George and Ally’s son, Steve Goettler. Steve has increasingly embraced tech-nology through adoption of new software systems, inventory management, creative branding and e-commerce. The launch of new online stores for Dublic Clockworks and Chesterfield Ware-house is pushing the business in a new direction once again and a prolific social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest and Vine is driving new customers to discover their quality products. “I was pleased with the availability of technology and talent locally needed to take Goettler’s online” – indicates Steve.   “I plan to continue increasing the online offerings to continue to grow the Goettler brand”.

What’s next for this family business over 60 years in the making? Growing and evolving their online presence while maintaining relationships with longtime loyal customers, continuing to stay on top of trends and - of course - passing the business on to the next generation.

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