Health Care


Perth County has 3 hospitals and offers MRI and CT scanning locally.

Perth County is well served by both the Huron Perth and Listowel-Wingham Hospital Alliances.  With hospitals in Listowel, Stratford and St. Mary’s, the region is teeming with highly trained and professional medical staff.  Stratford offers state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment such as CT Scan, X-Ray, Mammography and MRI machines.  Core programs offered in Perth County area hospitals include: surgical services, mental health, critical care, pediatrics, 24-hour emergency, ambulatory care, obstetrics, and neonatal unit. 

Clinical programs include cardiorespiratory, chemotherapy, stroke rehabilitation, critical care, diabetes, dialysis, palliative care, complex continuing care and rehabilitation. 

Surgical specialists are available in: orthopedics, obstetrics, ophthalmology, plastics, urology, and ear/nose/throat.


Listowel Memorial Hospital offers a full-service Breast Health Centre.

Kitchener and London hospitals are located within a 30-45 minute drive and offer specialist care that may not available within Perth.

In Ontario, many physicians are moving to full-care family health teams that offer a range of services including on nutrition, mental health, diabetes, pharmacy, and vaccine programs.

Family practice teams of general physicians are located in most major communities in Perth, including Stratford, St. Mary’s, Mitchell and Listowel.

North Perth Family Health Team

Mitchell Family Doctors

Stratford is served by numerous general family physicians and health care teams.


Medicine in Perth County consists of a strong combination of health care professionals with state-of-the-art health care technology and patient centred quality care.

Physician Recruitment:

There are positions for general practice as well as specialist positions available within the area hospitals. 

In Listowel, contact Kimberley Kowch, Physician Recruiter at:

Huron Perth Health Care Alliance, Contact Dr. Laurel Moore, Chief of Staff at: