Perth County Kitchens - Shared-Use


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About Perth County Kitchens


Perth County Kitchens are fully equipped, certified shared-use commercial kitchens available for rent by the hour. Watch for our posters around Perth County!

For those starting up a new prepared foods business, these kitchens reduce the considerable financial risk of opening and operating a commercial kitchen to a fixed cost on which to base your business plans. Because you only pay for the time you use a kitchen, the burden of a long lease is something your business will not have to bear. You can start with us, grow with us, and when the time is right, move from our kitchen into your own.

This affordable kitchen space can also help established businesses expand. Kitchens can be used for menu planning, training, taste testing, product development, brainstorming, and of course production, resulting in market-ready products that can be sold in cafes, restaurants, at markets and grocers, and from farmgate throughout Perth County and beyond.

Shared Use Kitchen -  Artisanal CheeseIn addition to making the space available for rental, we will also be offering fun and educational classes for kids and adults. These sessions will help demystify the art and science of preparing and preserving fabulous foods using local, seasonal ingredients. Class participants will work with industry experts who'll incorporate kitchen safety and proper food handling into interactive classes that will introduce you to local food sources and traditional and contemporary techniques.

A few additional suggested uses of Perth County Kitchens:

Preserve Perth County
Pickling/preserve party with friends - salsas, sauces, pickles, preserves

Cookie swap
Bake & exchange a variety of sweets with friends & family

I have to feed how many?!?
Your kitchen ill-equipped to feed the crowd of people descending on you for your next gathering? Use our kitchen instead and preserve your sanity and your clean home!