Success Story

Making the connections and getting to the Last Mile

If there is one company that has taken it upon themselves to serve the rural area, it’s Quadro Communications Co-operative . Based out of Kirkton, ON, Quadro has been in business since 1994, starting as a Co-operative telephone company – owned by the community. Its traditional roots haven’t held it back from becoming one of the leaders of modern fibre and wireless infrastructure.

With completion of fibre to the home for all of Quadro’s customers in its original four exchanges, Quadro is ready to take the next step into the more competitive market of CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) and begin providing competitive fibre to already serviced areas. State of the art equipment allows for a “barely there” footprint when laying the fibre directly to your home and the directional drill allows for a more natural approach, avoiding trees, creeks, and even rocks while guiding the fibre through 1000’s of kilometers of rural landscape.

As a co-op, Quadro’s directive is much different than other shareholder driven companies. Their mandate is to reinvest into the co-op and the community removing the profit driven pressures other face. Quadro is doing just that. Laying fibre throughout the ILEC has taken about 8 years and has come with a cost of approximately $20 million. The investment is worth it and has resulted in a connected rural area that is unrivalled in other parts of Ontario.

Economic growth and information and computer technologies will continue to drive growth for our business and communities. With companies like Quadro leading the way, they are making that happen….one side road at a time.

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