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Welcome to Perth County

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GIS & Maps

Perth County offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services in a variety of ways. Access information about the County using our interactive web mapping applications and library of pre-published maps.

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Provincial Offences and Traffic Tickets

Located on the lower Level 1 entrance of the Perth County Courthouse (1 Huron Street, Stratford), The Provincial Offences Division answers enquires and responds to request from the general public in relation to offences committed under the legislation governed by the Provincial Offences Act.

View our Provincial Offences and Traffic Tickets page.


Perth County Connect

Get where you're going with the all new PC Connect. PC Connect is your community transit system that offers 5 routes throughout the County and surrounding areas.

View our PC Connect Transit page


Planning and Development

Our Department provides planning services, information and guidance to county council, local municipal councils and to the public in the areas of land-use planning and more.

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Emergency Services

Mission and Vision: Save lives, decrease suffering and improve and promote community safety.

View our Paramedic Services page

View our Emergency Management page


Stratford-Perth Archives

Wondering about the history of your house, your family, or your Perth County community?

View our Stratford-Perth Archives page


Economic Development

Many of our most successful businesses have been started by people like you with a great idea and dream to achieve.

View our Starting a Business page



Stunning landscapes, culinary adventures, and memorable experiences. Discover why Perth County is the perfect rural retreat!

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